Salford loan shark play brings radio spot for Great Places

28 March 2012 Last updated at 17:55

  • On Heather Stott's BBC Radio Manchester show

Financial support co-ordinator Karen Burns from Great Places Housing Group made her radio debut on Heather Stott’s BBC Radio Manchester show with Jo Fisher, director of the Footlights Theatre, to talk about the exciting performance of “Just a few quid,” a play about the dangers of loan sharks.

In January, over 24 young people and adults began rehearsing every Monday night to present this piece of contemporary theatre and film which Salford residents would be able to relate to. Money recovered from convicted loan sharks is being used to fund the performance.

Karen said: “We were initially contacted by the Illegal Money Lending team, who we already have a very good relationship with, to ask if we wanted to take part in this innovative approach to educating people on the dangers of loan sharks.

“We had already developed a loan shark protocol in conjunction with the team and would notify them of anyone we suspected operating in our communities. We’d also worked together on several community events highlighting the dangers.

“Ultimately, the message we want to get across to our residents and the wider community is the stark truth of what can really happen if you get involved with a loan shark. The current climate, where people, particularly families, are struggling to cope financially isn’t helping the situation.

“People are desperate, and when you feel this way you will do anything. Great Places feels that word of mouth is incredibly powerful. People are still frightened about even mentioning loan sharks but this play will hopefully help eradicate the stigma so that the community feels brave enough to speak out about their experiences.”

The debut performance takes place at 2pm on Sunday 1 April at Salford University Campus, MediaCity UK.

To book your seats visit or join us on facebook at and a message. ​​​