• England footballer Rachel Brown visits new development, Hurtley Street

  • Refurbished terrace homes for rent in Daneshouse, Burnley

  • Residents in their refurbished terrace home in Daneshouse, Burnley

  • Family homes in Hurtley Street, Daneshouse, Burnley



Key facts

We've been working closely with partners to develop much-needed family homes
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Great Places has been working closely with partners in Burnley in the past few years to develop much-needed new family homes and quality refurbished terraces in the Daneshouse area. Eco-credentials at our flagship Hurtley Street scheme include large windows to let natural light flood in and outdoor bin stores ideal for recycling. Community development in the area has included working with local people to encourage healthy lifestyles, training residents in horticulture so they could grow fruit and vegetables in their back gardens, and setting up a work club for unemployed people.