• Community clean-up day in Blackburn

  • Launch of a Money Skills initiative with Jack Straw MP

  • A women's wellbeing event in Blackburn

  • A local resident with a dug-up time capsule in Blackburn



Key facts

We have almost 1,000 homes including a supported scheme called In Partnership
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Great Places has almost 1,000 homes in the Blackburn area including family housing, flats at Bowland House in the town and a supported scheme, called In Partnership, for women with complex needs. 

We have m​any homes in Audley Range, Mills Hill, Banktop, Bastwell, Brookehouse, Darwen and Larkhill

At a recent development of family homes in Mosley Street, contractors dug up a 140-year-old time capsule, now in the safe keeping of the local museum. We have a regional office in Barnfield House on Accrington Road.

Community development work in Blackburn has included working with partners to set up a women’s group in Bastwell and organising days out and parties for residents.