INSIGHT scrutiny group

Customer-led scrutiny aims to give our residents more power to hold Great Places to account for their decisions and performance. 

INSIGHT is our customer-led scrutiny group with responsibility for scrutinising Great Places services and providing evidence based recommendations to Board. Effective customer scrutiny involves empowered customers working together to research issues, which has shown to lead to improved performance, value for money and increased customer satisfaction.

A ‘scrutiny’ is a bit like an investigation of a service and includes a review of the procedures, interviews with staff and access to reports and statistics. Once INSIGHT has completed their scrutiny, they produce an in-depth report that gives recommendations and suggestions as to what improvements can be made. INSIGHT group, work with the support of an independent mentor who provides the group with guidance and advice.

What does Scrutiny involve? 

You'll interview staff and managers, devise questionnaires for residents and staff, telephone residents about their experiences of the service they've received, help to write reports and present your findings to senior managers and our board.

The activities of Insight will:

  • Help Great Places deliver services which meets customer needs
  • Help Great Places target resources to the areas where they're needed most
  • Help Great Places  give you better value for money

Current scrutiny exercise
INSIGHT have completed their latest review into Great Places aids and adaptations service.  They have presented their report to Board, you can read the report and action plan in the related information section.​​​
​​​​​​​​Previous scrutiny reports and action plans can be found in the related information section on this page. ​​​​​​​​​​​