Call auditors and instant mystery shopping

Call Auditors
Are you a good listener?  Do you have a good memory? 
Do you have attention to detail? Care about customer service?
Then this is the activity for you! 

Our researchers/auditors work from home listening to five pre-recorded resident calls each month and scoring them using a feedback form. 
This helps Great Places to look at how well we're doing at customer service. It also gives a snap-shot of what residents think about our services.  
Contact us​ to find out more.

Instant Mystery ​Shopping
Are you due to have a repair completed at your home?

Each month, the in:team contacts a random selection of residents to ask if they would like to instant mystery shop the repair/planned repair. 

Residents provide feedback over the phone or via a feedback form. This will only be done once and helps us understand your experience with our repairs service so that we can improve.

​​​​​​​​​If you are interested in call auditing or instant mystery shopping, the feedback forms can be found in the related information section of this page.