Am I eligible?

There are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible for social housing. You must also show that you do not have a suitable alternative home.

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Income criteria

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government has published detailed guidance on how household income is to be assessed by local authorities. Click the link on the right for m​ore information.

Alternative accommodation

If a member of your household has property that your family could reasonably be expected to live in, including property that is being rented out, you may be classed as having alternative accommodation which means you aren’t eligible.  


A housing authority must consider the following about your home:

  • Is it an institution, emergency accommodation or hostel?
  • Is it overcrowded?
  • Is it fit for human habitation?
  • Does it meet the accommodation requirements of a household member with a disability?
  • If it is shared with another household, have you a reasonable requirement for separate accommodation?
  • Is it unsuitable for your household’s adequate housing in any other material respect, having regard to particular household circumstances, or on exceptional medical or compassionate grounds?