Complaints performance

You can make a complaint by email, telephone, post or in person.
One of our frontline staff will initially try to resolve your issue. We
call this ‘Nipping in the Bud’ and staff have five working days to
identify the best possible course of action to put things right.

If you’re not satisfied with how we propose to put things right
you can request that one of our service managers looks at it in
more detail. We’ll then investigate your issue, discuss why you’re
unhappy with our initial offer to put things right and provide you
with a final, formal offer. We call this process ‘Right First Time’.​

Examples of learning from recent complaints

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Examples of Learnings from recent complaints.

  • New surveys have been introduced prior to investment works starting to prevent misunderstandings regarding what will be included.
  • Photographs will also be taken prior to investment works starting.
  • We aim to improve future service by reviewing the impact of delays in undertaking works when additional works become evident and seek to ensure associated follow on dates are met.
  • CAT to ensure they send a task to an officer if a customer wants them to make contact and not just provide a landline number.
  • Our Development team will step up the pace of communication with customers regarding any incomplete works where we have contractors going into liquidation.
  • We are employing more staff to monitor our contractors more effectively during investment works.  This will ensure completed works are post inspected and any follow up works are arranged without delay.  We are also arranging more inspections whilst works are in progress.
  • We are reviewing the style of lighting installed in new properties to ensure replacement lamp bulbs are readily available and not expensive.
  • Training being developed for Neighbourhood teams and CAT to enable them to deal with tree-related queries. A schedule of tree works, along with our revised Tree policy, has been communicated to staff so they can deal with customer queries.