Developer information

On the development front, Great Places continues to build more new homes in the north west than any other housing association.  In July 2014 we received a grant allocation of £24.2m from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to build more than 1000 new homes by March 2018.

Great Places is the lead organisation in Bloc, a partnership of eight 
housing associations, that will construct the homes across the north west and Yorkshire between now and March 2018.

We already have an existing programmes to deliver 1348 new homes by March 2015 and 922 new homes by March 2017.

This is testament to our good relationship with the HCA and their trust in us to deliver.​

Here is our quality design guide. The guide is to help designers to combine the less quantifiable with the utilitarian to create functional, and easy to maintain buildings which are also beautiful and enrich the lives of the residents in the neighbourhood in which they are built.